In 2014 for the first time Uzhgorod National University received a lot of foreign students namely from Austria, Poland, Moldova, Romania, India, Nepal. To study in Uzhhorod a student from Russia decided to acquire Ukrainian citizenship.

A student from India Kishor knows Ukraine very well as he has already studied here for several years. This young man was a student of Luhansk University and had an active social life at University being course monitor, member of student council and head of Indian Students Association. Becaouse of recent events in Eastern regions he had to move to Uzhgorod.

'Here we have found many people who treat us really well and who were ready to help. The city itself is really beautiful. Especially I like ancient houses and stone-block pavements. It was pleasant surprise that many people can easily speak English', Kishor says.

Student Nigel (Tamil Nadu state, south India) tells that on his way to Zakarpattya he was amazed by landscapes – mountains, waterfalls and wonderful nature. He likes city monuments: Uzhgorod Castle, Folk Architecture and Life Museum, 'When I came to the observation platform of Uzhgorod castle, amazing mountain scenery made me freeze in fascination for 20 seconds! And one of the Museum rooms with traditional Ukrainian items made me think - I want to be Ukrainian!'

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