Heart In Love and Tree of Love in Odesa
The composition was installed near Teshchya Bridge in 2011. The installation is in the form of 3D metal heart made from rods.

Three meters high Tree of Love is located in the City garden (Derybasivska Str).

41 Heart Monument in Rivne
The monument appeared in the city 4 years ago as a result of work of blacksmiths from 12 regions (19 cities) of Ukraine and one Dutch craftsman. Every heart has its own shape and meaning: names of the cities, angles, twisted. The hearts are made of metal with anti-corrosive coating. The monument was made for three months. The monument is 2m high and symbolizes unity of Ukrainians from different regions.

The Heart of Love in small Paris (Chernivtsi)
The heart started 'beating' in Chernivtsi in 2006. The center of the composition is decorated with a swing pierced with an arrow and engraved with love confessions in different languages.

It is interesting because it is impossible to see the complete latten heart from any of the sides – and just if two people sit down on the bench at the same time they can see 'I love you' inscription.

The Heart of Sweethearts in Donbas
The sculpture The Heart of Sweethearts appeared in Horlivka city (Donbas) in 2012. It is a construction of big metal heart decorated with a great number of wedding rings and small heart inside. The sweethearts hang their 'love locks' on the metal rods of the sculpture.

The Heart of Kirovohrad
The Installation The Heart of Love appeared in Svitlovodsk (Kirovohrad Oblast) in 2012. Since then it is a favourite place of all sweethearts.

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