She used to dance in amateur dance group 'Svitanok' (Studinky village, Ivano-Frankivsk) but now she is a part of Xinjiang Grand Theatre in Chángzhì (China).

Nina Afanasieva,20, was born in Studinky village (Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast). For the last year the girl has been living in China where she is performing as a dancer. After successful casting she was invited to Xinjiang Grand Theatre.

The girl started her dancing career at amateur dancing group 'Svitanok', 'After finishing school I was hesitating where to enter: Musical College or Dancing College. So, I decided to follow family tradition and entered Dnipropetrovsk College of Art and Culture, Choreography and Folk Dance department'. With a dancing group 'Horytsvit' she took part in various contests and festivals.

After graduating the young dancer understood the diploma was not everything, so she preferred getting valuable professional experience instead of continuing study.

Last summer Nina decided to realize her dream and she was casted to XINJIANG GRAND THEATRE, 'There was a casting in Kyiv and dancers from all parts of Ukraine participated in it. Everyone showed his talent in different dancing styles. Kyiv, Odesa, Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Cherkasy, Berdyansk, Kremenchuk – we were all united by the same dream. Now we are working at Xinjiang Grand Theatre. The theatre employs 250 artists from various countries, including Russia, Georgia, France, Kazakhstan'.


Working in the international team Nina has to learn foreign languages. The theatre artists are helped with Chinese translation, however, at the rehearsals the dancers manage to understand each other with the help of signs language and English.

China is famous not just for innovation technologies and complicated language but also for its special cuisine. Nina says that Chinese cuisine will be interesting for someone who likes spicy, salty and hot. The highlight of the Chinese cuisine is also sushi, 'We try to cook the food that we like. Not everyone can eat Chinese dishes: some of them are very hot. Frankly speaking we are missing Ukrainian, home-made, food'.

The time difference between China and Ukraine is six hours. First it was hard to get used to working schedule, but it is ok right now. New country, new friends, favourite work, busy schedule – Nina doesn’t have a dull moment. When she has some free moment she doesn’t waste time, 'When we have free time we try not to stay at home, we walk about the city, go shopping. Sometimes we just drink tea and watch favourite movies'.

Christmas and New Year’s holidays Nina wants to spend with her family and friends, so the dancer will make the best present for them and spend the holidays at home.

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