Foreign youth to help the world to 'FEEL UKRAINE'


Hugo Vidal Manarini from Brazil, 'Ukrainians are often not aware of the strengths of their country, both cultural and historical aspects. They should travel around their country more to see all the beauty. Then it will be easier for them to tell other people about it'.

In December 2015 International youth organization AIESEC in Ukraine launched 'FEEL UKRAINE' project to open Ukraine to the world and make brand of 'Ukraine' more popular.

Tetiana Landysheva, president of the organization, says that an internship program will help foreign young people to undestand Ukraine better because they have an opportunity to spend about 6 weeks within the country.

The first 15 trainees from six countries have already visited the country, some of them traveled in western Ukraine, the other part went to Central Ukraine, Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and Odesa.

While staying in a city for a week young guests go on tour, talk with the locals. Their videos, photos, interviews with Ukrainians and articles will be presented on 'FEEL UKRAINE" website that will be launched soon.

This summer the project organizers plan to get 150 foreign trainees involved.

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