Facilitators from Europe (England, Germany, France, Netherlands), USA, Taiwan and Ukraine will participate in the first Ukraine’s first ever Peace Summit.

July 4-5, 2014 the first Ukraine’s Peace Summit of PEACE Summits series to be held in Kyiv. The summit is dedicated to the role of society and local self-government bodies in successful decentralization of government administration in Ukraine. The event organizers list includes non-political and non-profit organization Institute of Cultural Affairs of Ukraine (ICA Ukraine), non-profit organization Civil Movement 'For prosperity of Cherkassy Oblast' with involvement of Ukrainian Association of Local Self-Government Bodies 'Ukrainian Association of District and Regional Councils', Association of Business Trainers, Consultants and Couches of Ukraine, non-profit organization Ukrainian Maidan Coordination Centre, TicketsUA, 'Hilton' Hotel, Open Dialog Fund (Poland) and Ukraine’s civil society actors.

Among event guests are:

Richard Fursman is a president of Brimeyer Fursman LLC, USA, and has over 25 years of senior management experience in local government. Dr. Fursman is Credentialed Government Administration manager, member of the International City Manager’s Association, a member of Rotary International and former President of the Minnesota Metropolitan Managers Association.

Irina Fursman is a vice-president of Brimeyer Fursman, LLC, USA. Irina is a nationally accredited facilitator in strategic planning, process consulting and conflict management. She is a president of The Institute of Cultural Affairs of Ukraine, co-founder of Global Synergy Group. She gave a number of seminars on strategic planning for Luxoft, "Oselya" (Ukraine), Lamperts, Risdall Marketing, (Minnesota), Risdall Marketing (Minnesota); on human rights in Golden Valley (Minnesota), on organizational analysis and reorganization in Willmar (Minnesota); on strategic planning and officials and community involving in Falcon Heights, Champlin, Montrose, Robbinsdale, Cloquet, Chaska, і Brooklyn Park (Minnesota).

Laurence Fursman has over 40 years of facilitator experience in 20 countries including Africa and Asia (serving for big commercial and social projects). Among Laurence’s customers are government organizations, associations, UNO and more than 50 multinational organization and local companies.

Lorraine Margherite (France) is a facilitator and expert. During 2007-2012 she was involved into USA immigration problems solution (political asylum and refugees) and preparation of The Black Count documentary project for Pulitzer Awardee Tom Reiss.

Simon Koolwijk (Netherlands) is a trainer and facilitator in capacity development for schools, educational institutes and non-governmental organizations with more than 20 years experience. Sectors demanding Simon’s services are focused on municipal management, citizen participation, environment, education, human rights, agriculture, health care, social infrastructure development. Simon has worked in more than 20 countries, mainly in Eastern Europe, the Middle-East and Africa as well as in the former USSR republics (Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine).

Roman Koval (Ukraine) is a co-founder and chairman of the board of the Institute of Peace and Mutual Understanding, president of Ukraine’s Mutual Understanding Centre. He has 20 years of facilitating experience in more than 15 countries. Among his customers are The World’s Bank Mediation Service and World’s Bank Human Rights Survey.

The list of facilitators and the Summit information is updated on event’s Facebook page.

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