Facebook bought a $22 billion app made by a Kyiv local


Facebook company paid nearly $22 billion for the WhatsApp company service developed by an Ukrainian emigrant Yan Kum.

Yan was born in Kyiv in 1976, he grew up in Fastiv city (Kyiv Oblast). In 1992, the boy with his mother and grandmother emigrated to the United States where he entered the University of San Jose. However, he left the university and chose a career to focus on. Yan became an excellent programmer and got a job in a company Yahoo. Partnered by Brian Ekton he invented a mobile application. In 2009, Yan and Brian founded his own company WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile instant messengers in the world allowing owners of mobile devices to share messages, pictures, videos and audio files. At present time WhatsApp numbers more than 500 million users.

Yan Kum will continue running the service and member Facebook board.

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