Euromaidan SOS established an award for consistent volunteer work and/or gesture.

'The purpose of our award is to show people that every efforts counts for victory. We understand that there are millions of people who earn it. But let’s start from the first steps. As certain people are small drops in the sea of kindness and goodness that we all create', the award initiators mentioned.

To be nominated for award the application should be sent to the following email until November 21, 2014.

The nomination criteria are the following:

- consistent volunteer work and/or gesture;

- volunteers work from November 30, 2014 until the present moment;

- political apathy at the time of nomination.

The stories of nominees will be published on Euromaidan SOS website where everyone will be able to vote for his favourite candidate.

The awarding ceremony to be on November 30, 2014.

For details please contact Maria Ivanyk (050 705 86 72, e-mail:

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