'Life brought me to Switzerland. However, it doesn’t mean I love my country less', Halyna Havrylko.

31-years-old Halyna Havrylko was born in Uzhhorod, graduated from conservatory and Lviv National Academy.

She is an ex-soloist of 'Barcelona' band. Five years ago she moved to Switzerland. She lives in the canton of Berne with her husband-diplomat and two daughters Oleksandra and Maria. She participated in the casting for Eurovision-2016 but didn’t win.

Despite the distance and life circumstances Halyna is a big patriot of her Motherland: she is a member of the association of Ukrainians in Switzerland where she coordinates cultural issues (meetings, concerts etc). For the 70th anniversary of the association Halyna arranged a Ukrainian music concert and got together Ukrainians from all Switzerland.

As the singer says it is quite difficult to arrange a big concert and invite famous Ukrainian singers to Switzerland because of geographical dispersion of Ukrainians in the country. The only band of classical repertoire that has been giving a concert in Switzerland for the last 10 years is 'Kantus', a chorus from Zakarpattia, 'I want to arrange something great and interesting. I know two Ukrainian opera singers in Zurich. Moreover, many Ukrainian musicians work for Swiss orchestras'.

In her activity Halyna follows a life credo, 'The obstacles emerge at the moment when you stop looking at your goal. When you set a goal and persuade it step by step, you will always achieve it. I think there are no mistakes in life, just lessons. There is no negative experience; there are just possibilities for growth. If one door closes the other one opens at this moment'.

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