WOG’s new application boosts online payments
WOG’s retail network of gas is known to keep leadership third year in a row among other Ukrainian retail network of gas. This fact is proved by authoritative studies carried out by Nielsen Shopper Trends Petrol Stations whose experts have evaluated Kyiv’ retail network of gas on key performance characteristics
Nielsen study: WOG holds leadership third year in a row
WOG’s gasoline stations chain has strengthened the leadership position of the strong brand. According to the study carried out by Nielsen Shopper Trends Petrol Stations in 2018 in Kyiv, the distinguished characteristic the store of the WOG’s gasoline stations is associated with is the trend setting market leader. Such a high recognition the company has won for the third year in a row
Denmark, Germany and France are the largest importers of Ukrainian fish
During 11 months of 2018, Ukraine exported 9,903 tons of fish, fish products and other aquatic bioresources. The products have been sold to the sum of $34,458 million. The largest importers of the products were Denmark, Germany and France.In addition to Europe, Ukraine has exported fish products to the CIS, Asia and the USA as well
WOG wins Real Innovation Award in London
The winners of Real Innovation Award 2018 prestigious international award were announced in London. Ukrainian company WOG is also among the winners. On open voting result for 'The Masters of Reinvention' nomination the company took the 2nd place, while the judges awarded the Ukrainians with the victory.'This is really unbelievable because WOG is Ukraine's first company that entered the shortlist and received gold as well
Epikur, evolution in the Ukrainian poultry market
Ukrainian society is increasingly showing interest in natural and delicious products, in particular, it concerns the consumption of chicken. Since chicken is the most popular product for all segments of the population and it is equally suitable for any diet
Made in Ukraine: gorgonzola, matcha and tequila ice cream
Last year about 92 thousand tons of ice cream were sold in Ukraine (2.3 kg per Ukrainian). The demand for kraft production is gradually increasing - a Ukrainian product can compete adequately with Italian producers.Dmytro Starodubov, co-founder of TM 'Mr.Pops', is confident that the demand for kraft production will continue to grow