EBU gives green light to Kyiv as Eurovision host city


The delegation of Ukraine successfully reported on Kyiv's preparation for Eurovision Song Contest 2017. The EBU General Assembly had a meeting in Lausanne on December,8.

In particular, Ukrainian representatives informed about the following:

- the contest budget is UAH 655.7 mln;

- Legal and regulatory framework for organizing and conducting the contest in Ukraine is ready;

- creative concept (slogan and logo) will be presented soon;

- official selection of floral and tourism operators will start soon;

- stage creative concept of the main area is approved;

- ticket prices will be announced in late December - early January;

- selection of volunteers and tour desk will start in a few days;

- social program for foreign visitors is developed;

- location for the opening ceremony, red carpet, the location and Eurocity Euroclub will be announced shortly.

It is worth mentioning the contest executive producers are Oleksandr Kharebin and Viktoria Romanova, show producer is Stuart Barlow. The main arena of competition is the International Exhibition Centre. Three grand shows are planned on 9th, 11th and 13th May 2017

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