Doctors of Ivan-Frankivsk and USA will work together


Doctors from Ivano-Frankivsk will cooperate with their American counterparts. Such a decision was made after Taras Maslyak's (the chief doctor of the Ukrainian city) participation in Sabit prestigious study program (the program developed jointly by the U.S. President and the first President of Ukraine to improve management skills for leaders of different sectors: health, education, culture, business etc.).

While staying in America the Ukrainian specialist managed to initiate cooperation between medical schools and universities of Ivano- Frankivsk and the United States medical facilities. The cooperation includes Ivano-Frankivsk students and teachers' study at prestigious U.S. institutions.

'We agreed to develop several programs on logistics medical facilities (clinics and hospitals) of Ivano-Frankivsk, rehabilitation, diagnostic and functional medical equipment included. Our experts will travel to the United States to study. We will pursue consultations on critically ill patients, pay special attention to the development of cardiology, emergency medical care', Taras Maslyak comments.

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