Film about Vasyl Slipak keeps its tour around the world
The documentary 'Myth' telling about Vasyl Slipak, an internationally renowned opera singer who was killed in Donbas war, will be shown at the DocsMX (Mexico City) and Doc'n'Roll (London) festivals. In addition, the film will be shown in Gdansk within the framework of Ukrainian Week and at Ukraїna! 3 Festiwal Filmowy festival in Warsaw. The film show schedule is the following: - October 16, DocsMX Festival, Mexico City;- October 24, Gdansk;- October 27, Warsaw;- November 14, Doc'n'Roll FF Festival, London
The second monument to Ann of Kyiv unveils in France
October 2, a monument to Anne of Kyiv, the daughter of Kyivan Prince Yaroslav the Wise and Queen of France, was unveiled in Toulouse.As Oleh Shamshur, Ambassador of Ukraine to France, wrote on his Twitter page a bronze sculpture was installed at St.Pierre Square
Kamianets-Podilskyi residents set dance record
At the tourist season start in Kamianets-Podilskyi the 11th city record was set. 200 people performed historic reverence at the same time. 'The most mass dance in historical costumes' record was fixed by the expert of the Ukrainian Book of Records
British actor to star in the film about Holodomor in Ukraine
Actor James Norton will play in the movie 'Gareth Jones' by Polish director Agnieszka Hollande.The film tells about a journalist who exposed the Holodomor, Stalin’s 1933 genocide-famine in Ukraine. A Welsh journalist went to Moscow to try to interview Joseph Stalin. The shooting will begin on February,26 in Ukraine. In addition, the scenes will be filmed in Poland and the UK. The premiere of the film is scheduled for 2019
Ukrainian animated feature film 'The Stolen Princess' official poster presented
This poster features the main characters of the story: capricious and charming princess Mila and her loved one, Ruslan the traveling actor, his friend Nestor and Mila’s father, Prince Volodymyr of Kyiv, plump and simple-minded Hamster, as well as the main antagonist of the cartoon, Chernomor the sorcerer, and other characters.  In early December an official premiere of the first trailer to 'The Stolen Princess' will take place. Now the first teaser to the animation film is actively broadcast on Animagrad’s YouTube
An exhibition of Maria Prymachenko's works opens at Kyiv art center
November 21, M17 Contemporary Art Center (Kyiv) an exhibition of works of Maria Prymachenko, one of the most famous Ukrainian folk artists. The exposition is called 'The Marvelous World of Maria Prymachenko'. The visitors will be able to see a few dozen works from private collections rarely demonstrated to the general public. The exposition runs until December 3.The entrance on the opening day is free