'Mom, what is it?' – It is a varnished flower'. This is exactly what you think when you look at clay flowers made at 'Lantan' Scientific and Production Center.

The Center was founded in 1992 by the current owner’s father. Until 2002 the company produced mainly flower pots but for the last 13 years it has been making original craftsmanship clayware. 

The clayware is very diverse: flowers, houses, people, animals, landscapes, still life. There is also a collection of Ukrainian folk themed art.
The hands-on potters get their inspiration both from their native city and young artists who bring new approaches and colors to the production process as well.

Nine people in total work at the center: seven artists, a packer and the owner. For some of them, work in the center is subsidiary income but for others it is the only source of income. However, every employee enjoys his work and shares his talent with people: 'It is very hard to describe a universal portrait of a potter. Some work just for money, others just for pleasure. But clay doesn’t like people with bad thoughts. Clay is a very noble material which improves your spirit. That’s why not everyone can work with it', Yuriy Shkande, the owner, comments. 'Our team unites spiritually-similar people. They value their mutual relationship. They never criticize each other'.

For everyone who wants to study the art of pottery the center offers workshops. But a successful potter needs both skill and desire to study. The latter is the key to success. Depending on a student's desire and application to work, the workshop can last from one to six months.

'Besides talent and desire we encourage individuality. Everyone of our artists has his own style. He is not an artist if he just copies someone else’s work. His work must be special and unique. During the study a person learns clay processing, painting, making interesting colors, creating compositions'.

For today the works of the center have been presented in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Europe is the next destination.

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