Chocolate-covered yogurt bars by Ukrainian entrepreneur hits America


Serhii Konchakovskyi was born and studied in Kyiv but immigrated with his parents to the USA. He is a founder of Clio company producing bars combining Greek yogurt and the texture of cheesecake with a chocolate outer shell. The snack idea was inspired by chocolate glazed bars with soft cottage cheese inside the entrepreneur ate in his youth in Ukraine, Forbes informs.

Konchakovskyi started positioning the bar not like as a breakfast option but as a tasty and healthy grab-and-go product. This positioning has especially responded with younger buyers.  The 'healthy' portion of the product is 75% yogurt loaded with probiotics, 140 calories and less sugar quantity than standard yogurt has. The bars are available flavors such as peanut butter, strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, honey, hazelnut and espresso.

In 2018, Clio sales increased by 275% compared to 2017. It is said that the company the brand sells millions of bar packages mainly due to sales at Walmart, Costco and several major grocery chains.

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