Kyiv medical center ilaya applies cellular technologies to cure bones of extremities of 10 patients. The treatment is performed under 'Biotech-rehabilitation of injured people' project.

The technology is often the only way to overcome the heavy injuries of the limb bones (shoulder, forearm, thigh, shin and foot) caused by mechanical and ballistic wounds. The doctors have succeeded to help to recover the patients who actually missed more than 10 cm of bones within several months, and to restore the functions of the extremities that failed to anchylose for more than 20 years.

For now this technique is the unique in the post-Soviet countries, in well-developed countries it is used by the most modern medical centers.

'Biotech-rehabilitation of injured people' project was launched in September 2014 and united doctors, volunteers and philanthropists to provide Hi-tech medical assistance to ATO soldiers. In order to receive medical care one must fill in the form. The same page gives the donation options and treatment process monitoring.

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