Bukovel resort uses bacteria-based cleaners


Bukovel tourist complex started using modern water cleaner facilities to purify water both of the resort and neighbouring village, Palianytsia.

The device meets international standards and can process up to 4,000 cubic meters of water per day. The cost of construction, produced in Austria, is more than 52 million hryvnias.

'I can say that we use unique cleaners. Effluent level is twice higher than the similar process in the public utilities. Chemical cleaning requires various elements such as fluorine, for instance. Our cleaners are operated thanks to bacteria that we propagated', says TC Bukovel water and sanitation chief specialist, Bohdan Budnytskyy.

After purification process bacteria and mud are pressed in dry peat and compost and used for landscape gardening providing, thereby, continuous and non-waste production.

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