Buckwheat sweets, KNOW-HOW from SUMY journalist


Oksana Martymianova from Sumy invented sweets from buckwheat. For a long time the woman was looking for an original recipe of sweets that can help foreigners to 'taste' Ukraine.

'Once I thought of buckwheat. Buckwheat is 100% Ukrainian product. It is not very common in the world, Ukraine is the only country where this product is used in such volumes', Oksana says.

The woman began to experiment. First, she cooked truffles, added some chocolate, 'Once I was told about a recipe of porridge with buckwheat, milk and fried onions. At first, I wondered: how could one mix these products? After trying I realized: this is it! This is a story HrechkaSweets were born'.

The sweets also contain cocoa, agar-agar and fried onions.

'I'd like the whole world knew and loved the taste of the unique Ukrainian souvenir, buckwheat sweets', Oksana says.

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