Bronze sculpture of Serge Lifar's golden ballet slipper opens in Kyiv (photo)


The sixteenth mini bronze sculpture the golden ballet slipper of Serge Lifar, a famous ballet dancer born in Kyiv.

'Golden Ballet Slipper' is an international choreography award given to Serge Lifar from Kyiv in 1955 on the occasion of 25 years of creative activity in the National Opera of France.

Serge Lifar was born in Kyiv on April 2, 1905. Lifar died in Lausanne on December 15, 1986 and was buried in the cemetery of Saint Genevieve de Bois located in Paris. On the pedestal you can see the inscription, 'Serge Lifar de Kiev'.

The sculpture can be found at 5-7/29, Shevchenko Boulevard/Pushkinska Street.

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