Bandura Music Days Festival to mix bandurists and DJs


October, 26-27 Bandura Music Days festival will be held in Kyiv for the first time ever.

Outstanding musical experiments with folk instruments, interactive exposition of rare banduras and a special encounter with an electro-bandura will pleasantly surprise the guests. Additionally, the festival offers a unique opportunity to single-handedly make the real bandura and choose the national musical instrument of Ukraine at a special voting station.

'The festival begins on October,25 at 'Ostannia Barykada' restaurant with a concert of modern composers-badurists with their own music performance. The next day will open with a discussion 'Modern bandura: ways of development and brand creation' (the venue is Creative Women Space). There will also be many lectures and workshops for the professional musicians. The interactive exhibition will mark the third day, as well as a powerful sound, graphic and light show at the International Convention Center “Ukrainian House Oksana Borovets, the co-founder of the festival, says.

'The majority of Ukrainians nowadays still look at bandura rather stereotypically. We wish to show how actual and modern this musical instrument is. For the first time we will present the results of cooperation between the kobzars and electronic musicians. Bandura will sound in all different genres and styles', Yaroslav Dzhus, the co-founder and the participant of Bandura Music Days festival, adds.

The concert show will finish the festival on a high note! The finalists of the Ukrainian TV talent-shows will perform on stage, Maryna Krut (X-Factor), Shpylyasti Kobzari (Ukraine Got Talent), a jazz-bandurist Heorhii Matviiv, the People’s Artist of Ukraine Roman Hrynkiv, a bandurist-inventor Ivan Tkalenko, a B&B Project cover band, Tin Soncia, KoloYolo, Troye Zillia and many other popular modern bandurists will join in.

The entrance is free.

Organizers of the festival are Bandura Style project and NGO 'Ideas for change' supported by Ukrainian Culture Foundation.

More details:

Contact information: +380969496079,, Oksana Borovets.

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