ATO veteran develops a 'smart' helmet for tankers


Ukrainians have developed  a system of modernization of heavy armored equipment Land Platform Modernization Kit - a 'smart' tanker helmet allowing to see through the armor and show the goal.

Mykhailo Hrechukhin, an ATO veteran, explains, 'We set up cameras on the battle machine, from which the information comes to the helmet. It shows the location of our and enemy equipment and firing points. The system displays the indicators necessary for each member of the crew - the mechanic will see the area map, the gunner will see fire target'.

The helmet is based on the smart Microsoft HoloLens glasses.

In addition to the glasses, the system consists of servers, optical stabilization cameras located on the outer case, and a manipulator to control the system. The program part provides 'pasting' of streaming video in real time.

The startup was presented at a specialized exhibition in Abu Dhabi. As a result, LimpidArmor signed a contract with the Emirates dealer and IGG weapon manufacturer. The negotiations with several foreign companies are under way.

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