Andy Warhol Square - a new tourist attraction in Uzhhorod


In the village of Mynai (on the outskirts of Uzhhorod) Andy Warhol Square was officially opened. Now one can see a stylized sign on the facade of 'Tysa' restaurant, a composition with a small information note and one of the most famous works of the artist - Campbell's Soup Can.

Mr.Hennady Moskal, the Head of Zakarpattia Regional State Administration, attended the opening ceremony.

'Andy Warhol was born in Pittsburgh, the USA. However, his parents were born and lived not far from here, in the Slovak village of Miková near the city of Medzilaborce, 100 kilometers from Uzhhorod. Andy Warhol's parents come from an area where Lemmas or Rusyns-Ukrainians live. They were indigenous Rusyn-Ukrainians and emigrated to America when both Slovakia and Transcarpathia were part of a single cultural area and belonged to Astro-Hungarian Empire. Therefore, Andy Warhol has a direct relation to our region', the governor said.

Andy Warhol's paintings are worldwide sold at auctions for more than $100 million. He is among TOP-10 most expensive artists in the world.

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