6 million users downloaded InkHunter tattoo application


24-year-old Oleksandra Rohachova from Kolomyia is CEO and Co-Founder of an American startup with 6 million users. Since 2016 the girl has been living in New York.

Being a child Oleksandra was fond of mathematics and puzzles, took part in school competitions, and was interested in computer science in high school.

Having received the certificate, the girl had a choice between mechanics and mathematics and the faculty of computer sciences. She chose the second one.

In 2014 Oleksandra along with her friends from the Karazin University in Kharkiv won the Khakaton on the theme of augmented reality technologies, they had developed a prototype of the application showing a user what his tattoo would look like on the body.

InkHunter demo version appeared in AppStore in 2015. In February 2016, the application was redone, its design became better, more usable and beautiful. However, users were no hurry to download the new version.

So the girl started looking for an investment: she sent 12 applications to European and American incubators and wrote Inkhunter releases in several Western media.

The Daily Dot journalists were the first who responded. Later on Product Hunt, TechCrunch, Vogue and Cosmopolitan, media in 40 countries generally, added the list.

InkHunter application quickly attracted the first 100,000 users.

Oleksandra along with her partner Pavlo Razumovskyi received an offer from ERA, the American start-up accelerator, to move to New York. The company invested $40,000.

The guys have recently agreed to partner with the Fox Film Studio. The company films TV series where the main character has lots of tattoos. Fox suggested uploading a gallery of these tattoos in InkHunter.

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