Olha Chaika from Ternopil has collected 320 recipes of cooking salo (pork lard). The woman inherited love to salo from her father who always used to have about 10 types of the product at home.

Olha has been collecting the recipes for many years. Have collected enough the recipes are published as a brochure. There are four of them now. At first Olha started collecting recipes by asking her family members, neighbours, friends. In 2007 she had 50 recipes and published the first book.

cut a bun into halves; spread one half with ketchup, the other half with mustard
put salo between two halves.

Zherebkivske salo
roast marinated salo in oven, season and close in cans for preservation.

Bochok (shopder)
marinate salo in shredded onion, season and bake oven bag for 15 minutes.

Salo Assortment
cover several types of salo with salt
wrap it into fabric or white paper (to remover extra humid), and leave for 2-3 days at room temperature
clean each lump from salt and roll in spices: paprika, black pepper, herbs, garlic etc.
wrap in foil and put to freezer.

Hot sandwiches with salo
spread tomato paste on toasted piece of bread
cut salo and onion, season it, add an egg and whip well
put some blend of salo and onion on top of tomato paste and roast.

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