In East Village in New York, on the corner of East Second Avenue and Ninth Street, one can find Ukrainian restaurant 'Veselka' opening up 24 hours seven days a week.

Within 60 years the restaurant has become one of the cult places in Manhattan where you can enjoy tasting simple Ukrainian dishes at low prices.

Tom Berchard owns the restaurant. The man's first wife was the daughter of the founder of 'Veselka', Volodymyr Darmokhval, known in New York Ukrainian patriot.

Once, 'Veselka' was quite different. It was a local store where sweets, cigarettes, newspapers and lottery tickets were sold, and, in addition, it served Ukrainian lunches and dinners.

Now Dmytro Martseniuk, the restaurant's chef, is responsible for the authenticity of the dishes served, 'We have the main menu that was 10, 20, 30 years ago. Varenyks (dumplings) with beef ribs are in great demand here. It's our author's recipe'.

3,000 varenyks per day, 2,500 deruns (potato pancakes) per week and about 20,000 liters of borshch per year are made at 'Veselka'.
The customers have crowded into the restaurant (90% of them are foreigners), moreover, on weekends you will have to wait in the queue to enter.

During the Revolution of Dignity 'Veselka' unexpectedly became one of the most dynamic centers of Ukrainian culture in New York. The restaurant sent assisstance and served as a place for volunteers' meetings.

Tom Berchard is glad that he has managed to maintain the authenticity of the restaurant for more than 60 years, 'Some people who know liitle about the restaurant's history think that I am Ukrainian, and, frankly speaking, I am proud of it!'.

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